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EU Delivery: Delivery Process

Taking Delivery of Your Porsche

When you pick up your new Porsche, you will need a copy of the Monroney Label given to you by Porsche Barrington. You must leave this copy with your Delivery Center Consultant. You will also need a current passport and a valid driver’s license. (An international driver’s license – available at nominal cost through any AAA auto club office – is suggested to avoid language problems while touring Europe. If you have only your stateside or Canadian license, some countries could request notarized translations.) Any additional insurance premiums will be due at this time (see insurance section).

At the time of delivery, in addition to one pristine new Porsche with a full tank of gasoline, your European Delivery Consultant will present you with the following documents:

  • Owner’s Manual and Warranty Book
  • Insert for Tourist vehicles (clarifying your responsibilities in Europe)
  • International Registration booklet
  • Yellow and green Proof of Insurance Card
  • Porsche Assistance (for personal insurance and various traveler’s aids, valid up to three months)
  • Dealer Guide Booklet listing Porsche Authorized Dealers of Europe
  • Export Documentation (essential for proving exportation)
  • Return Shipment Voucher (for return shipment of your Porsche to North America)

Carry these documents with you in the car at all times during your trip.

A Note About European Fuel

Your new Porsche will be built to specifications meeting all U.S./Canadian safety and emission control requirements. Unleaded fuel is now widely available at most major gas stations in Western Europe. The use of leaded fuel in your Porsche may invalidate your automobile’s warranty and/or make it necessary to exchange the catalyst and oxygen sensor at your expense. When you return your Porsche for transatlantic shipment, it will be tested per U.S. regulation to determine whether the vehicle was mis-fueled. Should you elect not to use the free return shipment through Porsche AG, such lead testing could become your responsibility and, upon importation, may be required to satisfy U.S. Customs.