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EU Delivery:Porsche in Leipzig

The Porsche factory for Cayenne and our fabulous Carrera GT is located at Porschestrasse 1 in northern part of the city of Leipzig, Germany. From the Leipzig Airport, take a cab and ask for the “Porsche Fabrik”, exit “Leipzig Nord”, GVZ (Güterverkehrszentrum). The taxi ride takes about 15 minutes. Be sure to ask the driver for a receipt so you can be reimbursed by PCNA’s European Delivery Department.

Experience the thrill of a stepp chicane, similar to the Corkscrew at Laguna Seca, take the curbs as if you were at the Nürburgring and feel the exhilarating g-forces in the section based on the Parabolica at Monza on our FIA-compliant and for professional competition use fully approved track. If that’s not enough for you, there are also sections reminiscent of the Loews curve at Monaco, the Curve di Lesmo at Monza, and the Bus Stop at Spa-Francorchamps.

While the on-road test track provides an opportunity to become acquainted with the outstanding performance of the Cayenne on tarmac, the off-road circuit gives you a taste of the vehicle’s handling in more extreme conditions. Although only 6-km (3.7 miles) in length, the course is packed with a number of different obstacles and challenges, each one designed to demonstrate the all-terrain potential of the Cayenne. Eighteen training modules put your driving skills to the test, showing you how to achieve the optimum balance and response from your vehicle, including an obstacle log course, ramp crossings, a seesaw, twist humps and a stepped ascent, followed by a 50-meter wading.